VCAM 2015 is an extension to Navisworks™. VCAM is a unique asset management solution
that links your documentation and design data to your 3D model.


Powerful Model Searching

VCAM's powerful search function allows you to quickly find and isolate any information in your 3D model. Drill-down searching capabilities make it easy to filter searches on specific CAD model attributes, attached documents, and tag properties.

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Attach Documentation to Model

VCAM enables you to attach documents (O&M manuals, reports, detail drawings, etc) to any object in the model. Simply drag a file from the project library, drop it onto a selected object, and the attachment is made. To link a document to multiple objects, drag it onto a list of search results, and VCAM links the document to each object in the list. Documents can be any file type from .pdf's to .xls to .jpg's to .dwgs and even urls.

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Tag Information to Model Objects

VCAM External Properties enable you to link any intelligent information to objects in the model. Common uses for tags include maintenance schedules, manufacturer details, punch lists, object status, etc. Attached tag information can be searched and exported as well as color-linked to provide real-time visual data within your 3D model.

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Easy Activity Scheduling

Visualize planned maintenance by component, area or date. This is useful for a wide range of activities including shutdowns or expansions.

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Quickly Generate Reports

VCAM allows you to export document and tag property information in multiple file formats for use in many common spreadsheet/database applications. Combined with its powerful filtering features, you can quickly generate reports on virtually any data in your project.

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Filter Views by Attributes

VCAM enables you to filter views by any search criteria, external property, or attached documents. Visualize projects based on the data that is important to you.

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