Automatically generate or create stand-alone Isometrics.

Iso contains all the tools required to create full isometrics, design sketches, or automatically generate fabrication iso's directly from existing models. Customizable to suit any company's standards.


Spec Driven Piping

Automatically selects the correct materials and components, as per spec requirements. This helps eliminate costly errors. Alternate selections available within the piping specs are automatically listed during drawing generation.

All Cadpipe Industrial modules use the same piping specs.

Extensive databases, or fitting catalogs, are included with the modules. Simple tools allow you to add to, or customize these. (ANSI, API, FRP/PVC, DIN, BS, JIS standards, as well as several others are included).

Smart Editing Tools

Cadpipe Industrial Iso supplies extensive editing tools. Edit existing line number and/or the piping spec when the client calls for changes. Change Fittings from Shop to Field with a single pick, or edit the wall thicknesses of piping already drawn.

Complete BOM - User Customizable

CADPIPE automatically generates a complete bill of materials report for one drawing or a global report across a number of drawings. A typical BOM report includes the material specification, pipe size, schedule, rating, end types, line number, line specification, and many other parameters, such as part numbers for example. Weld Reports are also available. Customize the descriptions or user codes through the specification generator. View the complete BOM on screen, send it to a printer, export it to Excel, export to drawing, or to an ASCII file. Also export directly to Microsoft Access for customized sorting of the material information.

The BOM to Drawing can be easily formatted to suit any requirements. Multiple formats can be saved to suit different projects or clients.

Stand Alone ISO's - Import to Model

The creation of the Universal Data Exchange (UDE) file from models can be used to automatically generate Cadpipe Isometrics for fabrication or stress analysis.


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