CADPIPE Gen2 Version 3.1 Release Notes

Released June 5th 2014
Compatible with AutoCAD 2010 - 2015 32/64 bit



  • Spool all items within selected start and end points on a pipe run (including couplings, gaskets, flanges, etc).
  • Spool numbers incrementally increase as you reserve spools.
  • You have the option to Clear Selected Items before reserving spools.


Added databases per manufacturer - see Commercial Pipe Databases.


You can now select the direction of a fitting during placement.


You can now send pipe sleeve locations to Total Station.

Weld Reports:

Added wall thickness to the Weld reports (Industrial Piping).

Updated Items:

  • The Options Manager now becomes transparent when not in use.
  • Waste Pipe - Cast Iron no hub couplings are now drawn to the correct length.
  • Olets – socket, threaded and weld dimensions are correct.
  • Query/Text Options - added a Suffix field and toggle on/off for Prefix and Suffix text. This info is saved in the program.
  • Insulation now retains the last size entered.
  • Auto Route - Cadpipe saves any changes to the default 90 degree fitting (fitting, system, and size).
  • Auto Route - Correctly calculates the plan angle when coming from a roll.
  • All threaded and socket pipe now show the fitting engagements.
  • Added a new custom category for Victaulic Copper (available in systems 200 and 210).
  • Query, Tooltips and Dynamic Move now use the elevation set in Reference Elevation.


Dynamic Auto-Routing

Introducing a new Auto-Routing command - providing the ability to route duct accurately and quickly with the ease of free-form layout.  During routing, the on screen compass will lock into the angle(s) that are available for the bends or fittings chosen from the current duct type.  An on-screen tooltip gives current and precise information to keep your route accurate.

Dynamic Move

Dynamic Movement makes it easy to move any line, or portion of a line, to exact locations, calculating clearances, and repairing any adjacent piping to accommodate the modifications. The on-screen tool tip displays the distance the duct is moved.

Hanger (included in all programs)

  • Added ability to place the Hanger database location on a network.
  • Added a Trapeze Database
    • Includes Trapeze Types: Unistrut, Angle Iron, Wide Flange, Back to Back Channel, 2 Rod Roller and Special.
    • You can set the Trapeze Figure and Size per Trapeze Type.
  • Added the ability to send hanger locations to Total Station.
  • Added new hanger layers and colors.


Increased Compatibility w/AutoCAD MEP

Directly connect to AutoCAD MEP objects (such as cable tray and conduit) using the CADPIPE Join To command. You can now run CADPIPE cable tray or conduit systems from AutoCAD MEP objects.

Cadpipe also recognizes and displays AutoCAD MEP item information via the CADPIPE query command.

Updated Items:

  • Conduit - now shows couplings (can be toggled on/off).
  • Cable tray - tees and crosses now show the radius.
  • The Options Manager now become transparent when not in use.
  • Query, Tooltips and Dynamic Move now use the elevation set in Reference Elevation.
  • Conduit Panels - added the ability to add descriptions for each circuit (Example: Room 116).
  • Auto Route displays feet and inches in the on screen tooltip.

Updated Items:

  • Added the option to place all labels at a pre-selected isoplane – for example, circles vs isocircles.
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