CADPIPE 12.6 Release Notes

Commercial Pipe Enhancements:

New Fittings Available

CADPIPE 12.6 now includes the options to place Pull Tees and Nipples:

Pull Tees

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HVAC Adjustments:

Moved Clear Report Marks from the CPTools menu to the Utilities menu.

The Clear Report Marks command is now located with other Reporting commands on the Utilities menu and toolbar.

Added the Wrapper Command to the Editing Tools Menu and Toolbar.

The Wrapper command which allows you to wrap duct can now be accessed from the Editing Tools menu and toolbar.

CADPIPE Industrial Enhancements:

ISO Scale Split

This feature allows users to set a separate scale factor for their vents, drains, and other small bore piping. This works through manual or automatic isometrics, and is saved with each drawing.

Click here for more detailed information about ISO Scale Split >

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3D BOM Tag

So popular in our Commercial pipe that we added this to Industrial! This feature allows users to input additional information on any object, then report as requested or desired in the bill of materials.

Integrated Technology:

Hanger Enhancements:

  • Placement routines have been altered to be more efficient, as well as adding new routines for placement of trapeze hangers.
  • User can now pick to create offset for starting a run of hangers/supports.
  • User can now input the width of the hanger.

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Updates to the Customer Portal:

Added Three Training Exercises to the Customer Portal:

3 new training exercises for Commercial Pipe have been uploaded to the Customer Portal. Each exercise includes a document and sample .dwg files:
  • Routing Line - Non Sloped and Sloped
  • Connecting a P-Trap to a Main Line
  • Connecting a Pump to a Vessel.
Click here to download >

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